America’s First Fair Trade Certified Factory

Fair Trade certification is an evolution of the values our company has held since inception. It’s a promise to our employees and to our customers, of our commitment to people, planet and overall quality of our products.

The Fair Trade Certified™ label on Nature USA products, signifies that rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards have been met in our factory, and that our workers earn financial Premiums with every sale, to support sustainable livelihoods for their families and communities.

In March of 2015 after 18 months of planning, preparation, and implementation, Nature USA became America’s First Fair Trade Certified Factory. In the same year, we generated more than $60,000 in Fair Trade premiums for our production team, the men and women who actually make our garments. We estimate the premiums to top $90,000 for 2016. The funds are kept in a separate account and managed by a democratically elected worker’s committee.